Giorgio de Chirico
Il grande metafisico (1917)
La macchina metafisica (1973 - 1980) :

Born Volos, Greece 1888 - died Rome, Italy 1978

Once referred to as the 'lost jockey' of surrealism, Giorgio De Chirco became one of the most influential twentieth-century artists. His paintings influenced many of the artists associated with five major twentieth-century art movements: surrealism; scuola metafisica; neue sachlichkeit; transavatguardia and other pictorial and architectural movements associated with postmodernism.

Despite attracting such attention, and even notoriety, his work remained steadfastly personal in its attempt to create what he defined as 'classical paintings'.


For a complete biography see the Fondazione Giorgio e Isa de Chirico:



photograph by Herbert List, 1951.
Self-portait 1925