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Marketing Strategies: A Contemporary Approach |Publisher FT Prentice Hall, Second edition

1st edition 2004

Solo authored by Ashok Ranchhod

This book contains new insights into marketing strategies and the increasingly significant role of branding, ethical issues and digital marketing. The first edition was solo authored by myself and published in 2004. The second edition, co-authored with Calin Gurau, develops these themes further, with particular emphasis upon ethical marketing, consumer understanding and aspects of postmodern marketing that embrace the digital age. In addition the book examines and highlights various approaches to the development of marketing strategies, underpinned by current developments in thinking, including those published by myself in various journals. Each chapter reflects the global perspective surrounding technological developments and the changing relationships of companies and consumers. Aspects of innovation and the co-creation of products and services are also discussed in depth. In addition to the book there is a bespoke website that underpins the questions and case studies in each of the 10 chapters. The site enables reflection upon the mass of material relating to the application and understanding of marketing strategies within different contexts, with particular emphasis upon digital developments and the way in which they are changing the nature of consumer interaction.

The changing nature of Cyber-Marketing Strategies |Business Process Management Journal

This position paper investigates new insights into the ways in which organizations can design elements of their marketing campaigns, using cyber-marketing strategies that embrace the post-net era. It reflects upon the way in which these companies are able to develop effective channels for communication and retailing, utilizing the theoretical and technical frameworks that facilitate the dynamics of global marketing. It revisits earlier research and highlights contemporary thinking on the nature of cyber-marketing and the implications for a range of organizations. In particular it identifies recent frameworks offering insights into the complexities and uncertainties associated with critical channels and new media for proactive marketing approaches, with an emphasis upon effective implementation of Internet located strategies


To legislate or not to legislate|

A comparative exploratory study of privacy/personalisation factors affecting French, UK and US websites

This paper analyses the collection of personal data and its usage in relation to UK, USA and French websites. New Internet applications allow marketers to develop detailed customer databases, where personal information is connected with buying patterns that provide detailed behavioural profiles. Collection and use of this data is regulated differently in the European Union and the USA. While Europe considers it important to implement formal legislation for the protection of customers' privacy rights, the US authorities consider privacy policy to be determined through voluntary regulation by industry. The new digital age in relation to personal data exposes new problems for both marketers and consumers and this paper attempts to make sense of the current situation. This is one of the first papers to outline the issues and problems regarding legislation on the Internet and how it can affect consumer choice.


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